Top 7 mistakes people make when using adwords

Top 7 mistakes people make when using adwords

Google Adwords is a very popular and effective way to advertise your product or business. Right now, Google Adwords still dominates the PPC Advertising industry on the internet. Many people want to use Google Adwords to grow their businesses but because there is great...

Google Adwords Why You Must Track

Google Adwords can be an incredibly effective way of generating fast traffic. Whether you’re driving leads to a sales page, a pre-sales page or merely testing the conversions of the product, Google Adwords can provide instant traffic. You can also lose your shirt if...

What is Quality Score?

If you are paying for online advertisements through Google Adwords, the Quality Score (QS) will affect the success of your Adwords ad campaign. In this article, we will find out what Quality Score is, why it is important and the factors affecting the Quality Score....

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