As anyone knows who has used Google or Bing, when you look for something you get two types of results back. The first set of results are the so-called organic results which contain the information the search engine thinks is most relevant to your enquiry. However, at the top and to the right of most search engines, you will also see the “sponsored links”. In Google, these are called Adwords.
Of course, for a competitive keyword, if you wish to have your content reach the top page and the maximum number of viewers, this can take a massive amount of time and effort. Your page will have to be optimized for those keywords in a precise way, and you will have to ensure through regular active back linking, possibly carried out over months, that Google constantly thinks your content is fresh and relevant.

The advantage of Google Adwords and its equivalent in the other search engines is that you can get the top page of Google or Bing in quite literally minutes. You set up your account, and depending on how your account is set up, paying upfront or at the end of the month, you can start your adverts running either immediately or after several hours, depending on the niche in which you are advertising.

That means you can get your product out in front of potential purchasers immediately. It also means that you can effectively test your product or services in the marketplace with speed and at minimal cost. Let’s say you are promoting a Clickbank product.
You could spend months creating content and optimizing back links to your review page. However, if the reality is the traffic you access does not convert on this product, you have wasted a great deal of time and money.

However, a well-written advert, sent to a well-written landing page, both of which could take a matter of hours to create, could get you perhaps 100 or 200 people who click on your affiliate link and go to the vendor page. Although you may spend some money to get these visitors, you will have vital information at your fingertips as to whether or not people who actually go to the product page by the product.

Such is the power of Adwords. When used properly and effectively, monitored and tracked, you can get great test results to find out whether a potential product or service is financially viable in that you can test whether it actually converts real traffic. Then, you can tweak your results. You can make your ad better so more people click on it. You can make your landing page better so more people click on your affiliate links. At the end of the day, if the cost of your traffic is less than the commission you make overall in affiliate sales, then you have hit Internet marketing paydirt. This simple process is the foundation of many Internet marketing systems.
Done right, Google Adwords can be a goldmine of traffic and commission payments. Done wrong, however, it can mean the source of throwing a great deal of money down the drain.