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10 Reasons you should become Google AdWords Certified -
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If you are thinking about advertising using Google then you should seriously consider getting AdWords certified. Obviously, being certified in something does not make you an expert – but employers are much more likely to hire someone who has this qualification. It shows that you do have an understanding of AdWords works, have a commitment to learning and are serious about becoming an AdWords professional. This, among plenty of other reasons are why you should become Google AdWords Certified.

What are advantages of google analytics certification then ?

What are google adwords certification benefits?

1.Improve your PPC results

Improve ppc slills

The AdWords Training Site now offers improved account performance, which is great for them as it enables them to get only the best results from AdWords. However, this is also great for you because it allows you access free training webinars, live Q&A’s and more. This will help you to prepare for your exam as you will be able to talk to real experts on the questions or concerns which are specific to you.

2.Get hired!

Get adwords certificate and get hiredIf you are looking for work in PPC Account Management, being certified is a must. Obviously, if you don’t have this qualification, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t know what you’re doing – but it shows employers that you definitely do have some idea. The Google certification is a big deal now, and many employers won’t even look at your CV if you don’t have this qualification listed. The idea about being certified is that you know what you’re talking about – putting more trust in you and leaving you more desirable to potential employers.

3.Stay current

Stay Updated and keep improving

Google certification requires constant retraining – every two years – meaning you’ll always be up to date on the latest trends and news. Staying up to date will obviously help you with this, even in the two years that you don’t need to actually retrain. Being AdWords certified will give you access to the most up to date things you’ll need to know, standing you in much better stead when it comes to retaking the test.

4.You’ll learn so much more than you realised

If you’ve already been in the business for years, but are only just now thinking about becoming Google certified, you may be thinking that you already know everything there is to know, so why bother? This is the wrong way to be thinking because there are always different things you could learn and there are definitely difference features of PPC which you aren’t using and may not even be aware of. The AdWords training site will cover a lot of these different things like Google Analytics, Website Optimiser and so much more. A lot of people are pleasantly surprised by the things that they don’t know and it makes them so much more enthusiastic to keep learning. Passing the AdWords exam means you need to have knowledge in all the basic aspects of it, so learning more is always beneficial.

5.Be on the Professional Search

Be a professional at work and google adwords

Google now use a search tool which helps advertisers find a certified AdWords Professional. Anyone looking to advertise can put in their budget and what kind of help they need with their PPC and Google will draw up a list of professionals who match the advertisers’ criteria. Your name could be on this list if you become certified – meaning more job prospects and more chance to make your way in the world of PPC Account Management. This feature is currently still in a beta mode, but is expected to be fully released soon and is predicted to be massive. You won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to be featured here when this service goes live.

6.Lacking experience but still getting noticed

Importance of experience

If you lack the necessary experience of PPC, you will have noticed that you really struggle to get paid work as most people want someone with experience. It’s the old catch-22 – you need work to gain experience, you need experience to gain work. However, in the world of PPC there are some ways around this. Becoming AdWords certified is one of them. If you don’t have any experience your CV most likely won’t even get looked at, but if you have no experience and an AdWords certification, your chances of getting hired become much higher. Employers like to see that people are prepared to do the hard work to gain relevant knowledge for a job and if you have a professional qualification, it puts you that one step ahead of the competition.

7.Improve your own brand

brand awareness

Regardless of what area you want to specialise in, learning about how to analyse peoples’ habits online, how they interact with websites, adverts and so on. You’ll also learn what works, what doesn’t work leaving you far better equipped to make better marketing decisions. This will make you a valuable employee as you can demonstrate that you have skills in analysing data, proven by an incredibly reliable company.

8.It’s easy and quick

One of the greatest things about becoming Google AdWords certified is the small amount of time it takes. You can complete the test in two days which will allow to seriously develop your talent and skills in such a short space of time, leaving you able to apply for jobs that much quicker. This also means that you can apply for jobs now, before taking the test and inform your potential employer that you are in the process of becoming AdWords certified.

9.It’s FREE

Adwords exam is free to attempt

Arguably the best thing about becoming AdWords Certified is that it’s free. Previously, Google charge for this service but since then they have found that more and more people are taking the test when it doesn’t cost them anything. Obviously having more certified professionals benefits Google massively so they made the service free. Anyone can take the test, and they offer a wide variety of different tests, so there is something for everyone. This is perfect if you are a student who wants to prepare themselves for when they finish education, or if you are out of work and looking for a job as a PPC specialist.

10. It’s proven that employers look for someone certified.

certified equals hired

The importance of google adwords certification.

If you’ve managed to get countless interviews for PPC specialist jobs and the interviews seem to go really well, you may be left wondering why you aren’t offered the job. It’s already been mentioned that employers like to look for someone who is Google certified but a lot of the time, employers don’t learn that much about you until the interview stage of the recruitment process. One of the most common questions that is likely to come up during an interview is whether you are a Google partner, or AdWords certified. This is so companies and agencies know that you are competent and able to manage PPC accounts to Google’s own high standards.


So these are the ten top reasons you should become professionally certified as a Google AdWords Professional, but remember it isn’t always all about the title. Making sure you know your stuff when it comes to the interview stage will also go a long way to getting you an amazing job as a PPC specialist. More common interview questions that are you are likely to be asked include things like how you will manage the performance of a certain campaign, or how would you decide what keywords should be used in an advertising campaign? This is to give you a chance to demonstrate your knowledge about specific aspects of online advertising such as your ability to analyse data to see what is working and what isn’t working and your ability to recognise good and niche keywords which will help a certain campaign stand out from the crowd. Online advertising is an incredibly competitive industry and only getting more competitive by the day so anything you can do to help you stand out as a true professional will stand you in good stead. Having the professional certification and the knowledge to back it up will make you a fierce competitor and help you get the job that you’ve been so desperately seeking.