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Adwords Consulting and Why it is Important -
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Google Adwords is a very powerful network which allows you to advertise on the front page of Google and its partners for any keyword in virtually any niche. While they are few restrictions, in the main you can advertise for pretty much anything you like.

The ability to buy almost as much traffic as you require, assuming the traffic is there in the niche, is incredibly powerful. Used in a right way, with the right metrics, as long as the traffic you send has a cost that is outweighed by the benefits you get from your visitors, be it in lifetime customer value terms or in direct affiliate commissions, Google Adwords can be an invaluable source of traffic.
However, with great power comes great responsibility.
Too many people simply throw up basic adverts, send them to poor landing pages and do not set the accounts up correctly. Before they know it, they have spent sometimes hundreds or thousands of dollars in a matter of days and have nothing to show for it.
Also, many people throw up adverts for hundreds of keywords and simply test the average spend of all the adverts compared with the commission payments. Such an approach almost always leads to disaster.

A true Google Adwords professional however does neither of these things. They understand that adverts have the written precisely to satisfy the market concerned. The landing pages the traffic is sent to has to be written in a way to maximize the interest of the potential purchaser of those goods or services. A Google Adwords professional will maximize also the potential of retaining about traffic in terms of building lists for future selling purposes.
However, the real benefit of a Google Adwords professional is their ability to track and test traffic. Using sophisticated tracking codes, traffic can be directly tracked from source to commission. A professional will work out exactly what keywords are profitable and what not. Maximum bids per click can be optimized to ensure that the cost paid by such campaign is much less than campaigns simply thrown up by less knowledgeable people.

Further, the benefit of using a good Adwords consulting service is that massive lists of keywords can be managed effortlessly and easily. Borderline keywords can be tweaked, the bids tweaked to make them profitable. Underperforming keywords are slashed and removed. Well performing keywords are optimized to ensure even greater profitability. A campaign which might lose a beginner hundred dollars might make hundreds of dollars in the hands of a true Google Adwords professional.
This power, used effectively has great profit potential. But like many skilled services, it should not be left to the amateurs but to the professionals.