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Why Freelancing is your Choice as Online Job (+ 6 Platforms for you) -
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While there are many jobs available online, you can pick whichever you like the most and suitable for your skill set, but by the passage of time, freelancing has gained a unique position in online jobs.

Why is that so, you may ask?

It is because freelancing is a much wider field and you can choose from a huge variety of online jobs for college students that are available. Also, it pays you well. You don’t need to bond yourself and generate targeted results in freelancing but provide relevant services while the responsibility of generating growth totally depends upon the client. Even if they give you a target, it usually depends on the deadline and time. That is why rather than staring something of your own you may consider polishing your skills as a freelancer. Today, I will tell you some advantages of working as a freelancer.

Why Freelancing ?

1. It doesn’t require investment:

Mostly when you go for many other online jobs such as starting your own YouTube channel, blog, website or social media campaign, you need a good amount of money for investment. Either you save up some of your own or get an investor, in both ways you need to pay the web developers, designers, SEO experts, digital marketers, etc.

But when you start Online Freelancing Jobs, you don’t need big investments. All you need is a laptop, internet connection and some software which you might already have. That is why freelancing is the best option for those who want to start as soon as possible.


2. Working hours are flexible:

Usually, when you select online jobs you have to commit long hours of work, therefore if you have few or limited hours, freelancing is your best bet. You can only pick those jobs which suit your available hours that is why it is most suitable for students of the university, college, school or even for any individual who wants to spare few hours of day or week and want to generate part-time income.


3. You don’t have to sell or achieve targets:

If you don’t want hassles and issues of achieving targets and sales than it is better for you to freelance rather than start your own business, blog, channel or page. All these Online Freelancing Jobs don’t require you to worry about the entire process of generating income, but instead, all you need to worry about is the task you are assigned. For example, if you want to start your blog, you need to worry about its content marketing, SEO, customers, leads, sales, design, and development, in short, the entire process. But on the other hand, if you write well, you can freelance your writing services to the clients all over the world having their blog or guest post it on your favorite websites.


4. You can provide multiple services at a single time:

Unlike many contracts, you don’t bond in freelancing to pick your client and how many jobs you can work. It allows you to work as much as possible with as many clients and projects depending on how many you can manage. Therefore rather than bonding yourself in 9 to 5 job or signing any contract, you can prefer Online Freelancing Jobs which sets you free.


5. You get paid online, whenever you want:

Do you wait the start of the month to get your salary transferred to your account? Usually, we all do. But the expenses may exceed your salary, and you end up in credit that is why you have to either generate an extra income to compensate your expenses or fully depend on freelancing to get paid online.

The best part of working as a freelancer is you can get paid before the start of the project sometimes depending on the credibility of your client, and many freelancing makes sure you get your payment on time or as soon as you finish your project. Sometimes it may take few pays in the processing of payment, but you can always ask for half payment in advance while freelancing your services.

6. Variable cost is pretty low:

Each job has its variable cost, such as the place you are working, office rent, electricity and internet connection, etc. but when freelancing, the variable cost if quite low. You can even do it for free if you already have an internet connection at home or café which provides you free Wi-Fi and unlimited time to spend at the cost of a cup of coffee.


7. There are many projects and clients available online:

There are many companies who don’t want to hire a professional for a full-time position, pay for their computers, internet, medical and transportation expenses, etc. that is why outsourcing it may cost them quite less. Therefore you can find many clients and projects which may require your services related to their niche and field. It creates more choices and options for you to get a client and job, all you need to do is find them in right place. Also, since you can work on multiple projects at once, you can make most out of your skills and time and generate a full-time income from freelancing.


8. You are your own boss:

Do you want to be your boss? Are you tired of your angry manager, team lead, and boss? Does your work make a lot of pressure and stress for you?

Well, Online Freelancing Jobs let you become your boss, own your services and sell it to people you like. Therefore rather than stressing about day to day deadlines, you can manage your own time and energy and make good amount by just selling your services to right clients.


What are the six best platforms for you to freelance your services?

If you are convinced that you should start your freelancing career and don’t know what right places are for you? Then don’t worry, we got you covered. Here is a list of top 6 platforms from where you can start your freelancing career and fetch clients:



It is one of the biggest freelancing platforms with over 1.5 million clients from all over the world. It allows you to not only reach them but also get projects according to your skills and the best part; it pays well. Therefore if you want to kick start with good rates, especially if you have previous experience in the relevant field Upwork is just the right place for you.



If you are willing to bid the best rates, welcome to the freelancer.com. It is also one of the biggest online platforms where buyer meets seller and provide relevant services according to the requirement of your client but make sure that you quote the best bid as the projects go to those freelancers who have a good reputation and charge reasonably for their services.



If you want to start as low as $5 as this platform is just the right place for you. Fiveer allows you to set your services at the lowest rates but doesn’t worry you can go as high as possible. It is the best to place for beginners as you many clients usually want to get services at low prices as well.



Do you find difficult to break down the cost per hour, add the variable cost and determine what you should charge? Don’t worry, make an account on peopleperhour and get paid for per hour services. It does not allow you to charge well for your services, but also you can bid on the projects you want to work and paying your desired payout.


Facebook freelancing groups:

If you want to start instantly and want to become a part of the online freelancing community? Do you want Online Freelancing Jobs appearing on your Facebook feed? Then it is the best way to apply as soon as a client post a job. There are many online groups which allow you to register and apply to a large freelancing community; you can add yourself in multiple freelancing groups online and apply to as many jobs as possible.


LinkedIn Profinder:

It is a big community with over 420 million members in more than 200 countries. LinkedIn is one of the best places to find job-related to your field as well as freelancing. It has played an essential role in the freelance economy by launching LinkedIn Profinder which helps freelance profession to find jobs and projects.

Since there is an enormous amount of users and data, it is very easy and quick to find and connect with the clients and get paid online with your appropriate set of services.