Google Adwords isn’t just about paying to have your advert placed on the front page of Google, or its partner networks. You can also pay to place your advert on popular websites that choose to monetize themselves with Google AdSense.

AdSense is the part of Google’s business which allows a website owner to place some code on their website. Google then works out by analysing the landing page what it thinks the landing page is about and provides what it hopes are relevant adverts for that particular landing page. If someone clicks on an ad on that page through the AdSense blocks, both Google and the website owner share a percentage of that click.

The canny advertiser can take advantage of this. When setting up a campaign through Google Adwords, it is possible to set up a separate campaign for the content network and this must always be entirely separate from the Google Adwords main page campaigns.

You can allow Google to choose which websites to place your adverts. This can often be very unprofitable. Better, however, is to choose the websites yourself which have adverts on and tell Google to only put your advert on those pages.

This can be done very easily. Simply Google your best keywords and look at each of the top 10 sites. Note down each one that has Google AdSense adverts and the URL. Then, when setting up a placement campaign through Google Adwords, you simply enter these URLs to tell Google where to place your adverts.

The so-called authority sites are always the best. If you see some of the large websites in the top 10 of Google with AdSense, they will almost certainly have good traffic. You can then pay to have your advert dominant in that AdSense block by bidding higher than other people. Most people who run Google content network campaigns do not tell Google to specifically advertise on specific sites. They therefore set generic bids and with a well-timed higher bid, you can drive at your competitors who will not be monitoring to closely which websites are showing what adverts.

That is why the Google content network must always be done by hand, as it were, rather than by allowing Google to choose the sites for you. There are a variety of software tools which will analyse which pages would be best for your keywords.

When done effectively, because you can pay per cost per impression rather than cost per click, a well-crafted advert that tracks to people in your niche advertised through an authority sites AdSense can get great traffic at a fraction of the cost you will pay advertising for that same keyword on page 1.