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Google Adwords Display Practical Test – 20 questions

This exam covers the concepts included in display campaigns, such as creating, managing, measuring and optimising these campaigns. Display campaigns are all over the web, including banner ads and pop-ups. These types of campaigns use images, audio and video clips to deliver their message to their audience, unlike other types of advertising. This exam is important if you are interested in providing a more general advertising service to the public, rather than a specific target audience. As this type of advertising is broader than the most other types, the exam covers a lot of important topics and as such can prove very difficult.

Our website allows you to practice this exam as many times as you wish, including reviewing your answers when you are finished and checking to see where and if you went wrong. It also allows you to view the answers without taking a practice exam, meaning you can take notes about the topics covered beforehand, leaving you with a better, deeper understanding of the concepts which will come up. Anyone who has already taken these exams will tell you the importance of practicing over and over and making sure you fully understand the concepts presented to you. This will also allow you to understand what Google expect from their partners and will also help you throughout your online advertising career.

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