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Google Adwords Mobile Practical Test – 20 questions

Mobile Advertising is fast becoming the most popular form of advertising online, as more people are using their mobile to browse the web than ever before. People are also much more likely to use their phones over a laptop or PC, as it is more easily accessible. While a lot of the basic concepts of advertising on a mobile are similar to regular web advertising there are some huge differences which need to be taken into consideration. Mobile ads can appear as banner ads embedded into mobile sites, ads built into apps or even via text message. These are the things which make mobile advertising unique and as such make the exam even more important if this is the area you are looking to build your career in.
Our website allows you to practice this test as much as you like before taking the exam, which enables you to fully understand all the concepts required for mobile advertising, such as creating, managing and optimising a mobile ad campaign. Practicing allows you to go over any areas where you keep going wrong and identify your strengths. Our website also allows you to look over the answers without taking a practice test, so you can take your own notes to allow you to understand the answers your own way – giving you a much higher chance of retaining the information and passing this important exam.

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