Google Adwords can be an incredibly effective way of generating fast traffic. Whether you’re driving leads to a sales page, a pre-sales page or merely testing the conversions of the product, Google Adwords can provide instant traffic. You can also lose your shirt if it’s done poorly. Many people think that Google Adwords is dead because of the cost these days, but they are wrong. The answer lies in effective tracking.

Some people simply throw up a long list of keywords generated by a keyword tool. They then point that traffic to a generic landing page which promotes a certain product. Several days later, they login to their affiliate account and see they have made no sales but paid hundreds of dollars in Adwords costs. They stop the account and give up in disgust, loudly proclaiming that Google Adwords doesn’t work.

This approach worked 10 years ago. It doesn’t work now. Google is all about quality these days. It wants its users, the people who come to Google to find knowledge, when they click on an advert to be taken to a landing page that is tailored directly to that advert and the keyword the user has entered. Such a landing page is rewarded with a good quality score and in general a cheaper bid.

So it’s good sense to split up your keywords and try and collate them so that they similar keywords go to the same landing pages. It is then very important to track and change.

The Google Adwords tool is in fact very useful for this. What you need however is to be able to work out whether or not the traffic you generate a keyword converts. If this is an affiliate product, this is straightforward. If you are driving traffic to your own product or services page, then you can work out the average customer value.

This assessment is essential to ascertain whether or not your traffic converts. For each collection of keywords directly related to each keyword that go to each landing page, you must work out whether that traffic that you have paid for has generated you an equal or better return. It may be that your profit is made on the back end rather than the front end and therefore a slight loss or a breaking even is acceptable. Only you will know the answer to this.

Keywords that do not however produce successful results should be ruthlessly eliminated after adequate tweaking. It is when a landing page is optimised to each key phrase, each advert specific to each key phrase and the traffic carefully tracked that Google Adwords can prove profitable indeed. At the end of the day, however, it is almost all about the maths and tracking.