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Google Adwords Search Practical Test – 20 questions

The Search Advertising certificate is slightly more advanced than the Fundamentals exam, covering more advanced topics including the best ways creating and managing search ad campaigns, as well as measuring and optimising these search ads. The Search Certification is one of the options you have when choosing your second choice exam. The Search Advertising one is a fantastic choice as it allows to show professionals and advertising partners that you are capable at organising search ads. This is extremely important as search advertising is one of the most widely used advertising campaigns online, so by passing this exam you will show people that you are proficient in a wide area of advertising.

On our website, we offer you the chance to do practice Search Advertising certificates, meaning you can practice as often as you need to before the exam, looking and reviewing your answers, making sure you take note of what questions appear to be your weak spots. This allows you to make sure you fully understand the concepts which are going to appear on the exam before taking it. We also give you the chance to look at the answers independently of a practice test, meaning you can take notes if you wish and refer to your own notes when taking the practice test. This will help you not just remember the answers but also to understand them.

Google Adwords Search Advertising Answers

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