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Google Adwords Shopping Practical Test – 20 questions

The Shopping Advertising exam is another option you have when you’re choosing your second, optional choice of exam but it is a popular one. It covers the basics principles behind managing shopping campaigns as well as exploring the more advanced concepts such as creating a Merchant Centre account and product data feed. It also explores creating and managing entire shopping campaigns. This is an incredibly popular choice as online shopping is becoming more and more common, and so shopping advertising campaigns are becoming big business. It’s a good choice if what you want to focus on is shopping campaigns as it will teach you the basic concepts of this type of advertising.

With our website, you are able to practice this exam as many times as you like, going over your answers at the end and reviewing where you may have made mistakes. You are also able to look at the answers without practicing the tests, meaning you can take notes and revise the answers before practicing the test – meaning you are more likely to remember and understand the concepts, rather than just reeling off information. This is incredibly important because you will need to show partners that you fully understand the concepts inside and out and aren’t just remembering the information without understanding it fully.

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