Do you want to learn the fastest way to make money online? Then read on.

Internet is the land of opportunity to make real money for anyone who have internet access. There is no discrimination regardless of race, nationalities, educational background, or any disabilities.

There are only 2 things you need to make money First, to have a website with products. Second, to drive traffic to website.

The products are services, events that you organize, your own products, wholesale products or affiliated products. If you are just starting out with no money and no products, then go for affiliated products. Simple enough?

Once you have identified the affiliated products that are in demand, you now focus on driving traffic to the affiliated sales page. The traditional method of driving traffic are not good. Here’s why:

Article marketing, blog posting and video marketing takes to long because of the long learning curve. You have to learn how to create a blog, how to write an SEO-optimized article or to create video. But if you outsource to professional, it will cost you money.

Forum marketing is effective but it takes a long time like months to build a trusted relationship.
Also a good approach is to build valuable marketing blog and write high quality tips / articles. Sooner or later blog will drive traffic and engagement.

SEO requires lots of content, knowledge of keyword research and lots of backlinks. To optimize a website takes at least 6 months to see results.

Banner ads and traffic exchange are not targeted to your customers. To JV with strategic partners will takes a lot of effort to convince people to help promote your product.

If these traditional methods of driving traffic are no good, what’s left?

Now, here’s the good news. There are no other form of marketing that gives you the result as fast as Google Adwords.

Let me repeat: the The fastest way to make money online is to launch a pay-per click (PPC) campaign to promote some affiliate programs.

Here are the benefits of Using Google Adwords:

1. Fast to get start. You can set up a Google Adwords account at and publish your first advertisement campaign in 15 minutes.
2. Control of Budget. You can control your advertisement budget. You can set your daily maximum budget. The system will automatically stop the ads when you reach your daily maximum budget. You can also control how much you wan to per per click for each keyword.
3. Traffic. It is the fastest way to generate traffic.
4. Pay per Click. It is a fair system. You only when when the readers click on your ads. You don’t have to pay for impression, ie when the readers view the ads.
5. Largest Search engine. Google is the largest search engine in the world, compared to others like Yahoo Search, Bing or MSN. Some 80% of Internet users use Google to search. Adwords help help you get in front of people who are looking for your products
6. Billing. The bills come to you in 30 days. This gives you a 30 days window to earn before you pay.
7. Target by Region. If your customers are people living in a certain area, Adwords allows you to target readers by region within a certain geographical radius.

If you have $100 to invest, then you can realistically make as much as $850 in a week.

The success of your Google Adwords advertisement campaign lies these factors:

1. Initial research to select the program to promote. The product must be in demand.
2. High quality keywords
3. A good ad text with an eye-catching headline

When researching for the product to promote, it is useful to study the competitors. Study what they sell and how they sell. If the advertisers are still advertising for 6 months, you know for sure that they are still making good money. Identify these competitors, model their success, model their website. See what they sell and what are the keywords they use. Order their products and see their email messages.

Keywords that focus on product names are much less competitive and convert MUCH better because the person already knows what they’re looking for. Put the keywords in the ads and in the landing pages.

If you are selling your own product with your own website, then you have to know a Google friendly website is. These webpages – a Privacy Policy, disclaimer, Terms of Service, and Contact Pages – are a must. but Google also loves content sites . So link your landing page to a blog comprising some 20-50 poss. Include a sitemap helps.

A google friendly landing pages should have these features:

• no ads on the landing page
• a corporate looking page
• easy navigation links
• contain outbound links
• quality and valuable content
• Photos of yourself

Google Adwords is the fastest way to make money online but it requires good selection of desirable products, keyword research and crafting a high-converting advertisment. To find out how you can make Google Adwords work for you, keep reading the Adwords specialists at Adwords Consulting.