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The Ultimate Google Adwords Certification Study Guide Exam in 2018



Wanting to know how to pass Google Adwords Certification exam questions with ease? 

You’re not alone – and while we may not have the answer sheets to hand, we can certainly help you on your way.

Getting yourself Google Adwords certified isn’t easy – let’s be honest! 
Google pick and choose only the most talented and qualified online marketeers to partner with be certified by their colossal franchise, and while you may feel that tackling the Adwords certification is rather like climbing up a mountain without the proper support, you are certainly not alone.

After all, who wouldn’t want to show off that Google has certified them as an expert in online marketing?

We’ve put together the following Google AdWords certification study guide to help make things that little bit easier.
As Google only ever certify the best of the best, you are not only going to need to know a bit about how to pass their accreditation,
but you are also going to need to study!

Providing you follow our overview to the Adwords Certification test and undertake as much study as you can in your own time,
there should be no reason why you can’t pass both the Adwords

Fundamentals and Search exams first time.  Just remember – having Google cement your status as an expert in online search and marketing
will seriously add credibility to your resume or CV – and to get their seal of approval, you’re going to need to know more than a little bit about the basics of online search.

Luckily, we’re here to help!

Studying, unfortunately, isn’t an exact science – but once you find your own groove and method of research that works for you,
you’ll soon find taking on new information and putting it to good use an absolute breeze.

The key to effective study is to never take everything all on in one go – consider the areas you need to evaluate, the topics you need to revise for, and make notes.

How many times can you take the google adwords exam?

No one is perfect – but it’s understandable
, too, that no one takes on an exam without wanting to pass it!
Luckily, the Google Adwords Certification is available to retake multiple times every seven days.

However, be prepared to repay your registration fee each time you choose to re-sit – the huge benefit of studying effectively and efficiently is that it will not only prepare you for your exams,
but it will also make things considerably cheaper for you!

Let's begin Google Adwords study guide

How do I create a Google Partners Account?


If you want to take on the Adwords Certification, you’re going to need to make sure you have a Google Partners account created.
Handily, you can do so quickly and easily by following the steps below.



To register a Google Partners account, please visit : https://www.google.ie/intl/en/partners/about/join.html



Login using your Google account credentials, then you will see the screen:


Update your details

Go to Overview->My profile section and update all necessary details


Google Adwords Fundamentals Exam


Anyone who’s used Google even briefly will know that there is a system in place to help highlight certain
websites and companies looking to get ad space on the search engine.

Adwords Fundamentals covers everything from the basics through to intermediate understanding of how online
advertising works – meaning that you’re going to learn and cover the building blocks of a successful Adwords campaign,
what to do to boost click-through rates, and how to manage a long-term campaign successfully and efficiently.


Exam overview

How much does google adwords certification cost?

Google adwords certification cost is absolutely free to take.

How many questions is in google adwords fundamentals exam?

There are 100 questions in total.

How long does google google adwords practice test take?

You will be given 120 minutes (2 hours) without an option to pause or freeze your progress.
It’s recommended that you allow yourself at least a minute per question.

Don’t worry – there will be a timer on screen to help you.

How many questions do I need to get right to pass?

You’re going to need to make sure you answer 80% of the questions correctly – this means you can only afford to get up to 20 questions wrong in total.

Is the exam multiple choice?

Yes – but you can’t return to questions or skip them as you desire.

Can I use resources to help me while I sit the test?

You can – but make sure you don’t close down the examination tab while doing so.

Can I take the exam in my language?

With 40 languages catered for, it is likely that you will be able to sit the exam in your chosen tongue.

How long is the Certification valid for?

Upon successful completion, you’ll be certified for up to a year.


12 Tips to help you pass first time


  1. When is best for you? Try to take the exam when you work best – there’s no point sitting the test early in the morning
    if you are at your most productive late at night!

  2. Location, location, location. You’re unlikely to do well in your exam if you tackle the questions in an environment you’re not comfortable with.
    If silence doesn’t help you the way a little background noise can,
    why not grab a coffee or find somewhere local with WiFi access?

  3. Read the fine print! Many people have been caught stumbling on classic exam question clunkers – for example,
    the way in which they are worded!  Read the questions carefully and don’t rush through your answer.

  4. Are you sure? Don’t take things lightly – the no-skip rule is going to mean that you need to ensure your answers
    are air-tight – review all answers you give before you submit them.

  5. Know your knowledge! Already familiar with much of the Adwords guide?
    Don’t waste your time going back through everything – tailor your study to areas where you need the most support,
    and topics you need to brush up on.

  6. Be a formula fiend. You are going to be asked questions on several areas involving different formulas,
    Adwords API and Conversion Optimisation.
    If you are unfamiliar with any of these technical areas, now is a great time to memorise the basics.

  7. Get comfortable. You’re going to need to focus for two hours – take a bathroom break and fuel up before you start,
    as you’re going to need all 120 of those precious minutes!

  8. Don’t be fooled. Yes, there will be ‘trick’ questions.
    While nobody likes these, it’s going to be worth your time making sure you read the questions properly
    and to deduce which answer best fits the scenario being described.

  9. Take your time. This is extremely important – you can’t skip questions in this exam,
    and as you’re allowed to use materials as you go,
    there’s no excuse to rush through the exam without applying your all to each question.

  10. Failure isn’t the end. You’ll not be expected to pay anything in exam fees if you retake a test,
    but you will need to fund your registration fee once more – this, however, gives you an outlet to try again.
    Failing first time is not the end of the world!

  11. Go for the double! Why not attempt the Adwords Fundamentals and Search exams one after another?
    If you have the time, are feeling brave or are simply brimming with revised knowledge,
    go for it!

  12. Partner Status can take time.
    If you pass and you’re not accepted as a Partner straight away,
    don’t panic – it will take a little time for your status to update.

Tips from Google Partners channel


How to take the exam

Login to the Google Partners center , go to the Certification -> AdWords section from a left menu then click on AdWords Fundamentals

And finally click Take Exam:


Study Materials & Sample Questions

Stuck on where to look for tutorials and guides on Adwords basics?  Look no further than Google itself – there are a wealth of study guides,
tips and tutorials available for free through their materials and sample questions trove.

To browse all materials please navigate:

Go to Certifications->AdWords section


Then you will see all training materials which are:

01 Introduction to AdWords.

Here, you’ll learn about why Adwords works for so many businesses and enterprises, and exactly how they operate.

The biggest benefit in advertising online lies in your ability to target directly to people
who are likely to be interested in your services, while avoiding those who aren’t!

Online advertising allows for a multi-attack strategy – whether searchers are on their PCs, smartphones or tablets, you can target who you want
and can keep track of who’s clicking which advertisement.


02 Campaign Management

How do you build and manage an AdWords campaign?
  Here, you’ll find out.

You’ll learn about choosing the right campaign types and sub-types for your advertisement – which will help you determine
where your advert appears, and how.

Are you more likely to engage with a video, or with text?  Are there specific goals that you hope to reach – for example,
increased uptake of your mobile app?
Campaigns will help you fine-tune and apply the right settings for your advertisement before it even hits the ground running.


03 Measurement and optimisation

How do you measure for your campaign’s performance?

Here, you’ll learn the tricks of the trade.

Using Google’s in-built tools and available metrics, you’ll be able to see exactly how well your campaign is running
in real-time – meaning that you can measure click impressions,
the groups you are targeting and even an advanced look at how large an impact your business
is having upon your targeted searchers.

04 Fundamentals PDF Download

If you’d prefer to digest Google’s Adwords Fundamentals in PDF format, all the information you need to know is compiled here for your convenience.

More materials

Prefer to watch a movie instead?  Here’s a fantastic 50-minute guide to everything you need to know on Google Adwords Fundamentals.

Sit back, relax, and revise!


All videos Google Adwords youtube channel

Google Adwords Fundamentals practice test questions quiz

Once you’ve revised and prepared yourself for the big test, why not take a practice run?

Start answering questions

Google Adwords Search Advertising Exam

While Adwords Fundamentals took you through the basics, Search Advertising will look to build upon that knowledge.
Here, you’ll learn about how searching impacts on your AdWords campaigns, and how you can effectively monitor,
manage and fine-tune even the most niche campaigns to grab scores of searchers.  You’ll learn about advanced search,
what you need to look for when creating your campaigns, and the best ways to grab your audience’s attention.

Exam overview

How much will I be expected to pay for the exam?

Nothing at all!

How many questions will I be asked, and how long will I have?

You will be asked a total of 100 questions over a period of two hours (120 minutes).

What format is the exam in?

You’ll be given multiple choice questions, but be careful – you can’t skip them to come back to later.

What language is the exam composed in?

You can choose from up to 40 different languages to take the test in before you begin.

What is the pass rate?

The pass rate is 80% - meaning you will need to answer at least 80 of 100 questions correctly.

Can I use revision materials and guides?

You are free to use any materials you wish as it is an open book test.

How long will certification last?

You will be certified for at least year if you pass successfully.

Study Materials & Sample Questions

01 Search advertising overview

It’s safe to say that the internet, and even basic search, has transformed the way in which we run our lives.

Consumers can hop from brand to brand and from website to website with ease, multitasking
and seeking out information via Google every minute of every day!  Google sees over 100 billion unique searches per day,
meaning that there is an unlimited amount of scope for advertising almost any product to any person.

When people want or need something – anything – they search!  Picture this – someone is in need
of a local laundrette – what happens when they ask Google to find their nearest branch?

If you run a laundry service, this is where you come in – the point of Google Search Advertising is to be there
to make the sale when the customer needs you the most.

It’s about seizing that moment – whenever it may be, to ensure that you are always there for the right customer at the right time.

Refresher Hangout: Search Advertising

02 Set up your Search Network campaign

How do you build a successful search campaign?

Here, Google will tell you everything you need to know – and it’s far easier than you may think.

This portion of Google’s study tools will help you understand the difference between different types of advertising campaign types.

For example, if you are keen to expand your customer network, then you should opt to build a Search Network campaign
so that Google can host advertisements for you directly on their main search results pages.

03 Showing your ads

How do you match your adverts up with certain keyword phrases?  In this step, it’s explained that certain keyword types
and phrases can trigger certain ads – and how broad or narrow you wish for this to be will depend entirely upon your advertising needs.

As there are different keyword match types available, Google helps to break this concept down for you a little easier, along with how keywords work.

How they work

Think of keywords in the same way you would when you’re searching at home.
The narrower or more niche your search, the narrower the audience.
The broader your phrase, the more people there are likely to see your advertisement.
But is this necessarily what your business needs? 

Do you stand to convert more sales from a narrower, more dedicated audience, or do you simply require more traffic and awareness?

A broader match is generally encouraged at first, as this will allow you to monitor which phrases and terms are getting the most interest.
However, you can hone and alter your parameters whenever you wish – meaning that your campaigns can always be flexible!

Here’s more video tutorials on how keywords and targeting work on a Search Network basis.



04 Determine your bid and budget

This one’s a big one – how much should you spend on advertising?
Choosing the right bidding strategy can really make or break your campaign.

Your bidding strategy will depend upon the type of campaign you are running.
It will also depend upon how many click you wish to receive, and exactly how you wish to connect with your audience.


05 Manage your Search Network campaign

You’re going to need to work out exactly when and where you’d like your adverts to appear!
This part of the guide will help you work out how to schedule your advertising to get the most impressions and clicks,
and how to tailor them to your advantage.  While AdWords are, by default, set up to appear all day, you may wish for them to appear
during business hours, or you may analyse a specific time or day where your audience is most likely to make certain searches.

With this, you can also increase and decrease your bidding and budget, meaning that you can save money as you go.

Use the Search Network with Display Select campaign type


Use the Search Network only campaign type


06 Measure your Search Network campaign

Conversion tracking is a great way to see exactly how your advertising is performing.
It’s a tool that enables you to specify which user actions matter the most to you, and can therefore report back to you
on how well your ads are performing in those areas.  For example, if you’d like to monitor email newsletter registration,
you can track this conversion and analyse exactly what it takes to get people to subscribe to you on a regular basis.

It’s a really handy tool to help you learn more about user and audience behaviour.

This form of smarter advertising is also bolstered by view-through conversions,
which help you find where ads may not have been clicked, but conversions were met – meaning that you can
find new opportunities for ad placements with ease.
Google goes into a little more detail via their study guide, and a further helpful video presentation.



07 Monitor your Search Network campaign

AdWords reports are easy to split up into segments and rows, meaning that you can easily isolate and monitor the data
and results that matter most to you and your campaign.  This is great news for anyone looking to sharpen up in a particular area,
or even for those looking to experiment a little.
Segments may include types of click, devices used, or even the time at which the clicks were made.

All go towards helping you build that perfect campaign – meaning that you can understand what motivates your audience a little better.

Understanding AdWords reports and statistics



How to analyze your AdWords data


How To Create Google Adwords Campaign Performance Report


08 Optimize your Search Network campaign

Once you get the results you need, you need to learn how to optimise your findings for further campaigns.
Optimisation will differ for search and display advertising campaigns, meaning that it is always important
to differentiate between the two – but once you have the statistics in front of you, it’s time to really make the most of them.

Google, helpfully, explains how!

Google AdWords Optimization Tips and Best Practices by Burak Taşpınar, AdWords Expert from Google



Successfully Optimize your Remarketing Lists for Search Ads Campaigns


09 Search Advertising exam study guide

For more information, or if you’d like to digest the study guide as PDF, please download here at your convenience.

Google Adwords Search Advertising practice test questions quiz

Ready to take on a practice exam? 

There’s no better way to see how your understanding has developed over time – so why not take a look at some practice questions before you tackle the main exam?

Google Adwords Search Advertising Answers

How to take exam

Login to the google partners center , go to the Certification -> AdWords section from a left menu then click on AdWords Search Advertising

And finally click Take exam



The best way to study for AdWords Certifications v
ery much applies
to anything you may study for – you know your limits and how you study and learn better than anyone!
The best way to learn anything new is to throw yourself into it – to really immerse yourself in a topic, and,
where possible, to put the things you’ve learned into practice.
Google AdWords and their processes are easy to understand and manipulate once you’ve had some good practice – and if you are hoping to be certified by Google,
you, are going to need to show a deep appreciation as well as an understanding of how search works for consumers.
This means that you are also going to need to see it from the searchers’ points of view, too!

Studying doesn’t need to be a drag – and Google has made it easy for anyone to dip in and out of revision at their own pace.
One thing’s for sure, however – the more you study, the more confident you’ll be at beating Google’s 80% pass grade first time.
Make use of the study guides, believe in yourself, and – most importantly – take a deep breath!