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Top 7 mistakes people make when using adwords -
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Google Adwords is a very popular and effective way to advertise your product or business. Right now, Google Adwords still dominates the PPC Advertising industry on the internet. Many people want to use Google Adwords to grow their businesses but because there is great competition and a real lack of information, most of them make critical mistakes.

Below Adwords consulting will share the top 7 mistakes people make when using Google Adwords and the way you can overcome them.


1. Using too many keywords for each ad group

You can’t be specific when you have more than 100 keywords in one ad group, which can skyrocket your cost per click. An optimal number of keywords per ad group is 10-15. You need to classify these keywords in smaller groups to get better results.


2. Running a content network campaign the same as a search network campaign

This is a very common mistake. There’s a big difference between content network campaign and search campaigns. There are a lot of different tools between these two networks that make the different. Take care of that.

3. Not testing different ads

This mistake is one of the easiest ones to avoid, nevertheless is made very frequently. You cannot know what ad is going to have better results unless you test them. Try to see the statistics of two similar ads and evaluate which one has better results, leave the one that is working better and make again other testing until you have one that converts like crazy.

4. Not doing an efficient landing page

The landing page is one of the most important elements for Google regarding to the keyword quality score. You need to have a landing page that is clear, have good design, and that explains clearly what the prospect is going to get. If you don’t have an efficient landing page everything is worthless.

5. Not using conversion tracking

Conversion tracking is a way to optimize your Adwords campaigns heavily. For example, if you want to keep the keywords that bring in the most opt-ins for web page, you must set up conversion tracking for your opt-in, to track how many people land on the “thank you for signing up” page. When you do this you’ll be able to see specifically which keywords are bringing these conversions, and you’ll be able to drop keywords that don’t convert and expand on keywords that do. Not doing conversion tracking means you will never know which of your keywords are bringing the best results.

6. Not linking your Google Adwords account with Google Analytics


7. Use only broad match keywords

When you use only broad match, your ads will show to a much broader range of keywords, in many cases keywords you would not specifically choose to advertise for. By using phrase and exact match, you can have much tighter control over what keywords will prompt your ad to show.

We hope that these top 7 mistakes people make when using Adwords can help you in your future campaigns to get better results.