Many people think that Google Adwords is dead for people who wish to promote affiliate products. They are wrong.

Over the last decade, approaches have certainly changed. Five or six years ago even, direct linking was still highly profitable and recommended. This was an approach where you would bid for a Clickbank product name, for instance, and simply send the traffic through your affiliate link direct to the vendor page. If the product sold well and your bids were low enough, such campaigns could often be extremely profitable.

This approach no longer works for the simple reason that Google does not allow direct linking campaigns any more. It also only allows one advert to have a link direct to one website. That means that only one affiliate may promote the product concerned to a direct link at any one time. This can often result in bidding wars that makes the cost of the keyword excessive and unprofitable.

The simple answer is that Google prefers you to send your traffic to a different page. These pages, called landing pages, should offer the visitor a good experience in terms of genuine valuable content. Ideally, each landing page would be tailored to the keyword that you have bidden on for that advert. This can result in excessive numbers of landing pages having to be created. However, it is important to understand that the cost you pay for your advert almost entirely depends upon your quality score.

The score appears to be an amalgamation of the value Google attaches to your keyword, your landing page and your advert. A great landing page with a relevant keyword with content specific to that keyword will have a great quality score. Accordingly, the amount you have to bid to rank well in the sponsored listings for that keyword may very well be considerably less than that sum paid by someone with no specific landing page or tailored landing page.

The key to success in Google Adwords is precisely this – tailored landing pages with quality adverts. It’s all about quality these days. If you can send good quality traffic to a well-written landing page for a product that converts well, assuming you track the metrics of your keywords and ruthlessly eliminated the underperformance, then Google Adwords is most certainly alive and well for the promotion of affiliate products.

But use it wisely. Many a person has come unstuck with an ill thought out campaign without setting their budgets correctly. That can leads to pain and suffering.