If you are paying for online advertisements through Google Adwords, the Quality Score (QS) will affect the success of your Adwords ad campaign. In this article, we will find out what Quality Score is, why it is important and the factors affecting the Quality Score.

The Quality Score is about how relevant your ads by Google is to the users’ search queries.

It is important to Google. Google wants to ensure that when the users enter the search queries, only the most relevant ads are shown to them. The Quality Score helps them to determine the relevance of the ads.

Quality Score is also important to the advertisers. The better the score, the higher the ad ranking and the lower the cost of keyword per click (CPC). If the keyword Quality Score is too low, the ads by Google will not be displayed. If the score is low, the cost of keyword is higher, and there will be less traffic to your website.

If you do Adwords campaigns, you will want to get a good quality score. An average quality score is about 5 or 6.



Generally, the quality score is affected by 3 main factors:

  • Click through rate (CTR)
  • Relevancy
  • Quality of landing page


Here are some tips to improve the CTR. Use verbs and call to action. Spit the keywords into smaller and more targeted ads group. Use relevant ads for each group. [Exact Match] seems to give you the highest conversion rate and CPC. Do a split test of different ads. Dump those ads with poor CTR. Ads that are converting poorly might be attracting unqualified traffic. Dump them too.

Use the most appropriate keywords in your landing page content and also in your text ad copies. The content of the ads must related to the content of the landing page.

Quality of Landing Page

If you webpage’s load time takes more than three seconds, it can negatively affect your Quality Score. Include high volume keywords in the meta descriptions and other meta tags for more relevance. The installation of a a site map for internal linking will be good for your landing page.

Add pictures with alt tags that are related to your niche. Add as many pages of content as possible. Include the privacy page, contact us page, about page, and disclaimer page.

In conclusion, improving the quality score is therefore an objective, To get a higher quality score, you must have the right strategy and understanding of the working of Google Adwords