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How to Write Effective PPC Ads that Attract Attention -
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These days, Google Adwords don’t come cheap but they are still an effective mean of running your your marketing campaign on auto pilot mode.
The Google Ads are displayed on four lines: a title (with 70 characters including spaces), two lines (each with 35 characters) and a URL line. With such a limited premium space, how can you write ads that grab the eyeballs?
In this article, I will share with you four power ways to write a catchy advertisement. This method can be applied to any kind of advertisements. The secret to effective advertisement is to understand the consumers’ emotion and know what triggers them to buy. Understand the psychology of persuasion.
The 3 ways are to capitalize on the emotion of fear, fun and self-interest.

#1. Play on the Readers’ FEAR

People are afraid of the unknown. They are afraid to fail, to make the wrong decisions, and to get cheated by scammers.
Here is a example of a PPC Adwords using this method. This is a powerful method and it gets more clicks than other ordinary boring ads.


Is XYZ-product a Sam?
Don’t spend a cent on XYZ-product
until you have report this report


#2. Make the Adverts FUN to Read

Readers love to read funny advertisements. Below are some examples. Will you feel curious enough to click it? Probably you will want to share it with your friends. Anything that get a good laugh will be pass around from person to person.

#3. What’s in it for me (WIIFM)?

One of the most effective ways is to simply state the benefits. Here is an example”

Cheap Your-product-name
Order Any your-product And
Get the Second One Free.

Use attention-grabbing headlines. Try to use these words because they certain draw attention:
• fatal (e.g. Do you make these 7 fatal dating mistakes…?)
• exposed (e.g. Used Car Dealer Sales Tricks Exposed)
• secrets (e.g. Discover the Secrets To Making…)
• download (e.g. Insider Report Reveals all – Download here…)

Here are some more tips:
• Use questions
• Capitalize the first letter of each word
• Use testimony (e.g. Why this stay-at-home mom still earns a full-time paycheck)
• Have benefit statement
• Call to action

Use the above templates for your Google Adwords and I guarantee you’ll see improvement in your click through rate.